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//TOP\\ Download My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero) Season...

MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE lets players fight with their favorite Boku no Hero characters. Players fight in a destructible 3D plane, and they can use that advantage to move, evade and attack. As with the anime, each character has unique Quirks, and their skills can perform devastating moves that can wreck the environment. Players can choose to play a hero or as a villain and learn about their chosen characters' stories. They can also call two sidekicks to create unique team-ups. To make the battles interesting, they can combine heroes and villains in a team.

Download My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero) Season...

We plan to implement a multiplayer mode in which players can create their own custom heroes and free roam the city doing good or evil acts to change their reputation as a hero or villain. We plan to spawn events where players can face off on a team of heroes against a team of villains (both player characters and NPC's) for big reputation boosts. Players will have special rewards for gaining a spot amongst the ranks of the top heroes or most wanted villains. Of course, this high reputation as a hero or villain also comes with the drawback that players will become bigger targets for their enemies, so tread carefully! Another note: Because we don't have the money or resources to host multiplayer on a large server of our own, players will need to host their own multiplayer game sessions on their computers. More details to come as we hash out the code base for multiplayer. 041b061a72


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