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Largely because of Neo's role in "freeing" him, he also began to set the pieces to unveiling his return. Driving towards the building where the Crisis Meeting was occurring while deliberately parking in front of the door with the headlights operating at full blast to obscure his identity, he then anonymously made contact with the doorman, Corrupt, inquiring if Neo was inside. When Corrupt claimed ignorance, Smith then supplied a package (his discarded earpiece) intended for him, cryptically stating that it was to return the favor for "setting [Smith] free" before departing just as Agents Johnson, Thompson, and Jackson raided the area. He and another Smith clone then proceeded to secretly observe the ensuing fight, having apparently predicted Neo would ultimately win against the upgraded agents. One of Smith's clones also proceeded to ambush Bane and assimilate him just before he could successfully jack-out, with the resulting clone also taking the opportunity to infiltrate the real world.

His own thoughts then caused Smith to recoil in fear, exclaiming how it was a trick since he, at least partially, immediately realized what Neo was about to achieve. Neo, seemingly accepting how he would soon die just as Smith foresaw, simply responded in deference to Smith's proclamation of the end. Smith, in an act of almost human irrationality, dealt his finishing blow to Neo, assimilating him.

A separate issue related to the fade effect on vegetation close to the camera has now been fixed. Previously, this effect would cause visibility issues when walking through vegetation or tethering to vehicles, but now it applies to bark and smaller shrubs, instead of just large plants' foliage.


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