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it was in the south of France that four Moroccan brothers created the Guess brand. But it was in 1981 in Los Angeles that the brand came to life. They brought back jeans with a modern touch with their famous model Marilyn. Today Guess is a ready-to-wear brand that is so popular they expanded their collections to include bags and shoes.

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Trust Guess to flatter your legs. Besides perfectly cut jeans, Guess has women's shoes and men's shoes that are exactly what you are looking for. Heels for women to flatter your shape and trainers for men to be trendy and comfortable.

Guess (styled as GUESS or Guess?) is an American clothing brand and retailer, notable for its black-and-white advertisements. Guess licenses its brand on other fashion accessories, such as watches, jewelry, perfumes, bags and shoes.

In 2009, Italian luxury brand Gucci accused Guess of counterfeiting and trademark infringing the Gucci logo and the interlocking G's which appear on pairs of Guess shoes. In 2012, Gucci was awarded $4.7 million in damages; originally, the Italian brand had asked for $221 million.[25] 041b061a72


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