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Jimmy Needham-Not Without Love Full Album Zip

My papa says there is no difficulty in painting magic-lanternslides with water-color paints, and the design can easily be madewithout using those dangerous chemicals. He used to make slides inthis way when he was a boy: Take a slip of glass of the propersize, and cover one side with a coat of mastic varnish, and let itdry well. Then make your sketch on a piece of white paper, and layyour slide over it, and trace the outlines on the glass with a finecamel's-hair brush and India ink. Now mix your water-colors withthin gum water, and you will find you can paint quite well on thevarnished surface. If there is any difficulty, a little ox-gall,which can be bought at any paint shop, will make it right. All thedetails must be carefully painted with a very fine brush, as themagic lantern magnifies all defects. Only transparent colors, likegamboge, Prussian blue, lakes, and madders, can be used. The slidesshould be finished by covering all the glass, except the figures,with black oil-paint, and adding another coat of varnish to theslide.

Jimmy Needham-Not Without Love full album zip



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