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Yoyo Wooh | Tempaste [BETTER]

The Flight High diabolo is a mid-sized chinese yoyo which is just the right size and weight for the beginner or more advanced Player. Develop your skills with the Flight High diabolo or take your skills to a new level.

Yoyo Wooh | Tempaste

plastic-great choice if your starting 5a or doing 5a in general because its obvious your going to drop the yoyo alot. good for beginning at 1a but not for advancing in because it can prohibit some tricks while others types of yoyos excel. this material of yoyos is generally good because most of the time these yoyos are cheap or not as expensive as some other types of yoyos.

metal- mainly used for 1a because of long spin times and smoothness of the yoyo some times used in 5a but you generally find really advanced players using metal yoyos in 5a because they have just gotten used to the style.

Designed by World Champion Rafael Matsunaga, the Barracuda is back! Used to win 8 National and World titles, the Barracuda is a well-known design famous for its aesthetics, spin time, and competitive performance. This new version keeps all that, tweaks it, and adds a new flavor to every throw. Bringing back this legendary yoyo means creating more world champion?s in the making

The California has a very comfortable full body design that is slim enough to comfortably carry around in your pocket. It is very comfortable in the hand and has a wonderful nostalgic feeling, only aided by the engraved wooden caps. The spin time is surprisingly long for a yoyo of this size and shape. 041b061a72


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