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How To Buy Bape Online

With the emergence of a new wave of young people in love with the streetwear culture, it has become increasingly difficult to acquire popular streetwear pieces. Brands like Supreme, The Anti Social Social Club, and Bape create their products in small quantities, and then drop the product at different times every year. This way of doing business, sky rockets them to success because of the exclusivity it creates, but it makes for an environment where resellers come out on top. Clothes that sell for one hundred dollars in store can then be resold for upwards of four hundred dollars online. This has created a problem for many collectors with lower budgets.

how to buy bape online

In 2013, three small town Virginia residents came up with a solution to this problem. They created a store called Round Two, a place buyers could come in and purchase rare pieces from sought after brands, without the hassle of lines, and without having to fight online software, created to buy products for resellers.

However, The Internet, traditionally viewed as the foe of copyright owners and their rights, may be disrupting this power imbalance. Maggie Rogers, a tremendously talented and heartfelt singer-songwriter, recently played two back-to-back sold out shows at Radio City in New York.[5] Besides her spectacular talent and superb stage presence, Rogers is unique because she owns the rights to her master recordings, which she then leased to the record label that issued her album.[6] The Internet played a role in allowing Rogers, a relatively new artist, to attain a position so many artists covet at the beginning of their careers. After being serendipitously discovered by Pharrell Williams in her senior year of college, she became a viral sensation when the video of her encounter with Pharrell was posted online.[7] In numerous interviews, Rogers has recounted the overwhelming and painful impact overnight Internet stardom had on her personal life.[8]However, when the bidding war between the record labels for her next record ensued, Rogers came armed with industry knowledge to assert her place and retain the rights to her master recordings.[9] Despite the hardships the Internet exposure has posed for her personal life,[10] the Internet played a role in creating bargaining leverage allowing her to translate her amazing talent into legal rights. 041b061a72


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