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TRK-01 Bass WiN MacOSX R2R [BEST]

KICKThe Kick module is built for versatility, ease-of-use, and expressive fun, and relies on a powerful combination of two sound layers: sampled or synth-based. Each layer has drive and a multimode filter (ideal for blending the low end of an 808-style kick with the transient crack of an acoustic sample, for example). The combined kick is further shaped using effects, envelopes, and sequenced modulation, and can be tuned automatically to a master tune setting, avoiding bass frequency clashes.

TRK-01 Bass WiN MacOSX R2R

Kick 2 def is a more refined and 2016-ready version of v1.0 - which i bought about 2 years ago. I am not only using it for bassdrums right now, it's also an ace addition to my to-go-to bassline VSTs arsenal

Spice up your electronic productions by extracting a great groove from a funk loop and applying it to a straight-eighth drum loop. Drag the same groove to an Instrument Track to create a funky bassline that exactly matches the timing of the drum performance. The possibilities are endless!

Presence XT is a powerful polyphonic sample player with a multi-sample layer architecture and built-in synth features and effects. You also get key switch-compatible Sound Variations for nuanced, lifelike sounds; adjustable fret noise for guitars and basses, drawbar controls for Hammond organ presets, and more. 350c69d7ab


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