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Un Plan Parfait English Subtitles Download

Un plan parfait english subtitles download

Un plan parfait (A Perfect Plan) is a 2012 French romantic comedy film directed by Pascal Chaumeil and starring Diane Kruger and Dany Boon. The film follows a woman who believes she is cursed to ruin every relationship she has, unless she marries a man she does not love first. She decides to travel to Denmark and find a random stranger to marry, but things do not go as planned.


If you want to watch Un plan parfait with English subtitles, you can download them from various sources online. One of them is [OpenSubtitles], which offers free subtitles for movies and TV shows in multiple languages. You can search for Un plan parfait and download the subtitle file that matches your video format and quality. You can also rate and comment on the subtitles to help other users.

To use the subtitles, you need to have a video player that supports external subtitle files, such as VLC Media Player or MPC-HC. You can either drag and drop the subtitle file onto the video, or load it from the menu options. You can also adjust the synchronization, font size, and position of the subtitles according to your preference.

Un plan parfait is a fun and charming movie that will make you laugh and smile. With English subtitles, you can enjoy the witty dialogue and the beautiful scenery of Denmark and France. Download the subtitles today and watch Un plan parfait with your friends or family.


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