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Btx Tagalog Episode 1

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btx tagalog episode 1

B't X, pronounced "beat X" (Japanese: ビートエックス, Hepburn: Bīto Ekkusu) and stylized as B'T X, is a manga series, written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada. It was serialized in Shōnen Ace from 1994 to 2000. The series is set in a fictional universe where science has progressed to the creation of mechanical AI creatures known as B'ts. An anime adaptation containing 25 episodes was aired in Japan between April and September 1996, followed by a sequel containing 14 episodes called B't X Neo (ビートエックスネオ, Bīto Ekkusu Neo) which was made between August to November 1997. The anime series strayed off from the manga series in Neo, giving its own conclusion to the show. The anime series was animated by TMS Entertainment; a total number of 39 episodes was produced.

An anime adaptation containing 25 episodes aired in Japan between April and September 1996, this series adapts the first six tankōbon volumes of the manga. A second season, titled B't X Neo (ビートエックスネオ, Bīto Ekkusu Neo), consisted of 14 episodes. Neo aired between 21 August and 20 November 1997; this season adapts some chapters of the manga but has a derivative storyline and an alternate ending.

Originally licensed by Texas-based anime licensing company Illumitoon Entertainment and published on DVD via Westlake Entertainment.[4] Two dual-audio DVDs were released by Westlake, covering the first eight episodes, before being cancelled. The first 14 episodes, the only ones to be dubbed, were available on-demand via the Anime Network.[5] The license was eventually transferred to Anime Midstream after Illumitoon went defunct.[6] Anime Midstream announced on 14 August 2016 during their panel at the AnimeFest convention in Dallas, that they would redistribute the whole series with the Japanese language track, subtitles, and an English dub.[7] They released the series on DVD with both English subtitles and a new English dub on 3 August 2018.[8] On 12 April 2019, Anime Midstream announced that they would release the OVA series B't X Neo on DVD in dual audio on 26 April 2019.[3]


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