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Girls Forever (48) Mp4

David Von Drehle, Writer, Writer: There was a recognition: wait these girls can't die in vain. That was said over and over and over again as if the city had somehow turned it's back on them.

Girls Forever (48) mp4

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Narrator: Every morning -- six days a week -- more than 100,000 people poured out onto the streets of the Lower East Side, headed toward another day's work in the city's garment factories. Many were young women in their teens, some were girls as young as 10. They were immigrants, Italians who had fled natural disaster, Jews who had escaped persecution in Russia, Ukraine, Poland. Their families had chosen America for its promise of a better future. But even the youngest daughters had come to understand that their precarious hold on the American dream depended on their willingness to work.

Annelise Orleck, Historian: These young girls weren't just earning money for their own clothes or to, you know, go out to a dance hall or to Coney Island. They were earning money to support the family.

Speed mattered more than ever at the Triangle: volume kept Harris and Blanck ahead of their competition. The men had invested in the most up-to-date technology -- and it had to pay. The old pedal pump sewing machines made 34 stitches a minute. With the new electric machines the girls were expected to make 3,000 stitches a minute -- and no mistakes.

Narrator: Max Blanck and Isaac Harris weren't going to let a bunch of disgruntled factory girls tell them how to run their company. The Triangle owners used "private detective agencies " to provide replacement workers and muscle, bought prostitutes to start fights with the women on the picket lines, and paid off the local police precinct. Their hired thugs beat Triangle strikers; and policemen hauled the picketers into court if they fought back. But every day for six weeks -- in the face of physical abuse and public indifference -- the women took up their places in front of the Asch Building.

Eva Goldstein (Ami Ankin): I knew our girls were dissatisfied, I knew other shops were already on strike. I knew it only needed someone to talk to the girls a little and they would join the strikers.

Annelise Orleck, Historian: They really did believe that the city needed to be reformed and that it was unacceptable to be beating these young girls. And they also believed that they were allies in this campaign for women's suffrage, which was picking up steam. So the mink brigade, the so-called mink brigade, start walking the picket lines and it works.

Narrator: By the middle of December, Max Blanck and Isaac Harris could feel things turning against them. The mainstream press was now writing sympathetic stories about the striking women -- they had suddenly become "those brave girls." With Christmas approaching and the strikers gaining public support, Harris and Blanck decided it was time to lead their fellow factory owners toward the negotiating table. On the Triangle owners' recommendation, the manufacturers' association agreed to higher wages and shorter hours, if the strikers would drop their demand for union-only shops.

Woman 3 (Daniella Rabbani): The first time the elevator came up the girls rushed in, and it was crowded in a half second. The elevator driver struggled with the door and finally closed it. I was left with those who didn't make the first trip.

William Gunn Shepherd (Michael Daly): There was a living picture in each window -- four girls waving their arms. "Call the firemen," they screamed. "Get a ladder." We heard a fire engine in the distance. "Here they come," we yelled. "Stay there."

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