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Buying Disney Dvc Points

The short answer here is no. You do not need to be a DVC Member to stay in a DVC room. You can book a room at a DVC hotel or DVC villas directly through Disney OR you can rent points.

buying disney dvc points

I am a D V C MEMBER if you are going to spend $2,000 a year to rent that could be the maintenance fee each year. You should look into buying if you think it is for your family . Disney is expensive to buy from Disney Vacation club . The points are a lot of money but it is a investment that you should look into .

It is possible to purchase fewer than 160 points on the resale market; however, you will need at least 100 points to qualify for membership in the Club. You can purchase any increment of points through the resale market.

Whether you purchase retail or resale, you will be able to book 11 months in advance at your Home Resort, 7 months at any other DVC resort. The process and rules for banking, borrowing, and transferring points are also the same regardless of the origin of your points.

Resale buyers can no longer use their points to make reservations in the Concierge Collection, the Disney Collection (non-DVC Disney resorts at Disneyland and Walt Disney World as well as the Disney Cruise Line), or the Adventurer Collection.

Please note, owners who purchased on the resale market on or before Disney changed its regulations regarding DVC contracts sold on the secondary market (on or before March 20, 2011) retain full privileges and can use their points just like an owner who purchased directly from Disney.

Do you have more questions about buying DVC points on the resale market? Fill out the form on the top of this page to get in touch with an independent licensed timeshare resale specialist, or call phone to speak to someone directly.

Would you feel more comfortable renting DVC points for the opportunity to stay at a DVC resort before making the final decision to purchase ownership? Search our vast selection of DVC points for rent for your next getaway! is not affiliated in any way with Disney Vacation Club, Disney Vacation Development Inc., the Walt Disney Company, or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries. This website is independently owned and operated and specializes in the resale and rental of privately owned DVC memberships, points, and intervals on the secondary market.

Some owners have points with expiration dates that might take place before your trip. Some owners have points tied to specific resorts. Look for an owner with the number of points you need for your dates and contact them through their message board post to see if they still have them available.

That means you can also book up to 11 months in advance if that owner wants to rent their points. During popular times to visit, this can work to your advantage as you secure your room well ahead of time.

I'm not sure about recommending people get trip insurance. It seems tricky as two travel insurance brokers (including the one advertised in Dave's DVC rental) and have not responded or told me flat out I can not get reimbursed for moneys spent renting points through travel insurance. I have seen other threads where people had similar negative or no answers. Is there an example of an agency that has refunded money spent renting DVC points for a Disney vacation? It seems like there must be, but I haven't been able to find one and without it, my husband will not go for a DVC rental.

Why do people sell DVC points? Major life changes can bring about the want or need for selling Disney Vacation Club points. It may be family adjustments, career switches, moving to a new location or a general starting over point in life. Any of these shifts may present the choice to sell Disney points as the best personal move. These things can happen unexpectedly and guide members to move on. Sometimes other feelings or events may bring members to decide to sell. Here are some reasons why now might be the best time to sell DVC timeshare.

Paying instead to rent DVC points to rent that Deluxe Villa will cost about the same amount per night as staying at a moderate Disney resort. I think the level of amenities between a moderate resort and a deluxe resort is substantially different.

But the cost savings is just one reason to rent DVC points for your accommodations. You might save more by staying in a non-Disney hotel, but you lose out on the perks. Renting DVC points gets you on property at a bargain price. Why not stay in a one bedroom villa for the price of a standard hotel room?

Purchasing Disney Vacation Club (DVC) was a long time coming for my family. Back in 2003, my boyfriend and I sat through a DVC sales pitch for the Beach Club Villas while we were on a vacation in Walt Disney World. But, we decided that buying a piece of real estate together before we were otherwise legally bound to each other was not the right decision for us.

Flash forward 11 years to 2014, that boyfriend was now my husband, and we had two kids. Over those years, we had been to Walt Disney World a few times together and were starting to get hooked on staying at Deluxe resorts. Plus, Disney World was our preferred vacation spot, and we wanted to go more often. We started to consider buying some DVC points.

So, over the years, Disney has put some measures in place to make buying resale less appealing. At the time of our purchase in 2014, resale purchasers were no longer allowed to use their points for Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney or the Concierge Collection luxury hotel group. This was just fine with us, since we wanted to use our points only at Disney Vacation Club resorts.

The ladies take the audience through the entire process of buying a DVC Resale Contract. From before making an offer, covering right of first refusal, average sales, and all the way up until the points are deposited and great tips along the way!

According to a recent news report out of North Canton, Ohio, Corey Doyle, a wedding photographer, was looking forward to saving a bit of cash on a November Disney getaway with her husband and decided to purchase DVC points from a member. Traveling with a group of friends, it made more financial sense for them to go all-in on a 2-bedroom villa then spilt up over separate resort rooms. With that in mind, Doyle joined a Disney Vacation Club Facebook group to see if there was an existing DVC member that her group could rent points from.

The site I like to use for renting DVC points is for several reasons. There's really only one downside to using them over Dave's - they're a little more expensive (usually I've paid an extra $60-80 for an 8-night stay). But I've had better luck with them finding the resorts I want on the dates that I want.

1. You don't have to pay to have them check. Yes, the $124 you have to pay Dave's for them to even check is refundable, but that ties your money up until it's refunded (which may take up to 2-3 weeks)2. They're located in the United States; David's is in Canada. That might not seem like an issue, but it will be if your credit card company charges a cross-border fee.3. I've had more luck getting reservations through the rental store than through David's.4. They'll do one-night reservations. Most others won't.5. You don't have to pay the entire amount in full when you sign the contract, unless it's for a resort costing 11 points or less. They allow a down-payment of 50%

Hi, So Im a little confused. I went to the Davids site and it shows me 347points for Wilderness lodge. When converted to money it shows over $6000 for the dates I want. Then says to reserve. Am I actually paying that amount? Does that mean it is available? Thank you

Hi Lisa! Nope, you pay the same amount for park tickets when you rent DVC points. The tickets aren't connected to the accommodation in any way in this instance. Here are my tips for saving money on park tickets: -to-save-money-on-walt-disney-world-tickets/

DVC points work by giving owners an annual allotment of points every year on their Use Year. It may come as a surprise to learn that your Use Year actually refers to a month. The first of that month is when you will be able to use your annual allotment of points over the next year. Learn more about the importance of Use Years with DVC on our blog.

DVC points can work for everyone when you can bank them for the next year before the last four months of your current Use Year. There are eight Use Years to consider: February, March, April, June, August, September, October, and December. If your Use Year is February, you have until September 30th to bank your points before they must be used or banked; otherwise, they will expire.

If you are happy with your current membership but simply want more DVC points, adding on can be pretty simple. The easiest way to go about it is to keep things consistent with your current membership.

Note that, unlike multiple contracts at the same home resort, if you choose to sell your DVC points packages of different resorts, they cannot be combined into a single deed for the buyer. The two contracts will be sold independently.

Despite increased awareness, no one has yet discovered a way to break the DVC add-on frenzy. However, there are some useful tools to help feed your hunger for DVC points. Create an account on our website to receive the latest Disney Vacation Club listings of your choice as soon as we post them. This is the best way to snatch up the point package and Use Year that you have been searching for.

One of the best perks of buying DVC on the resale market is the price per point. You can save hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars when you buy DVC resale! There is also no minimum or maximum number of points you can buy on the resale market, so you can buy only the points you need. Plus, current DVC owners wanting to add points to their ownership can do so on the resale market! This is especially convenient if you only want to add a few points.

Unfortunately, some DVC benefits will not apply to owners who purchased their points on the resale market. New resale owners are unable to use their points at new DVC resorts like the Riviera Resort, unless they were purchased before January 19, 2019. Furthermore, if you purchase Riviera Resort resale points, you are only able to use them at the Riviera Resort, and they cannot be used for reservations elsewhere. The way that you can work around DVC resale restrictions is by becoming a member of the vacation exchange network, RCI. RCI allows timeshare owners to exchange their points for a vacation in a new location. That means that current DVC owners could potentially book a vacation at new DVC resorts, regardless of if they bought those points resale. 041b061a72


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